Get Rid of Social Media NOW

What began as an innocent instant messaging system now dominates a significant portion of each person’s life in developed countries. Every day you walk out, you will see your fellow human beings glued to their smartphones, double-tapping that instagram photo of a bikini model or matching 3 gems in a row — all for what?

Social media is a disease; it is a drug disguised under the deceptive form of legality and electronics. It presents itself as a tool to keep in touch with family and friends. What it doesn’t reveal is that once you buy into the marketing, it gets increasingly harder for you to get out of it.

Solution? Easy: quit social media.

When a person takes drugs, a large amount of dopamine gets released in the brain. This is why you feel good when you take drugs. This is why you come back to it. This is why your body begins to build a tolerance to the drugs the more you do it. And this is how you become an addict, endlessly spiraling into the deep ends of the drug world, experimenting with multiple drugs at the same time while undertaking some risky activities. This is how alcoholics are made – they just can’t control their cravings once they have alcohol in their reach. This is how social media works. You get a ‘high’ from notifications – getting a message from your friend or getting some ‘likes’ on a photo you uploaded. You feel good about it, so you decide to post some more. As you know, you’re beginning to get likes here and there. You post some more, you give a few ‘likes’ here and there. Next thing you know, you’re just as addicted as the next drug addict.

Quit social media.

All that time spent on social media could have been spent on doing something more productive. Don’t go and tell me that you can use social media and still be fine and lead a productive lifestyle with no filter. Because what social media does to you, it does so subconsciously – anything you read on social media will have an influence on you, no matter how big or tiny. For example, pretend you’re browsing on Facebook or Instagram and you come across a video that attacks Obama and his policies. And that video has a ton of likes, some of which include your very own friends. This will put a dent in your subconscious mind, whether you like it or not. Soon enough, you’ll be one of those sheep that don’t have an opinion of their own but instead follow whatever social media put out.

Delete Facebook. Say “Fuck you” to Facebook and desert that motherfucker.

Life isn’t about likes and comments. It’s a race to the top – the race to apex, or whatever kind of realistic goal you set for yourself, and you’re racing against time and death.

This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.

Facebook allows you to save all photos, videos, messages, and comments as a folder. Do that if you want to keep everything, but don’t forget to permanently delete it.

As stated in Fight Club, “Self-improvement is masturbation.” Self-destruction of your social media presence? That may be the answer.

Delete Instagram, Twitter (why do you even use that piece of shit website?), Snapchat — everything, including your Tinder profile. Destroy all that you worked so hard to build. Start over. Let go of all your past social media life. Your life will not end by deleting them – your life will have just begun.

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