CHALLENGE: 7 Days of No Social Media

Are you having problems getting distracted by social media? Do you catch yourself opening up your social media app on your phone when you’re waiting in line for something, when you could be brushin’ up on your social skills with a stranger next to you? Do you get feelings of jealousy, maybe some anger, when you browse social media and see that all your friends are having fun while you’re alone in your own world? Are you just tired of facebook, instagram, snapchat taking your time and eating away bits of your life?

If so, then read on. If not, then it’d be wise to read anyway. Social media is evil. It’s a drug. It’s a control tactic. It’s propaganda. Here’s how you can fix yourself.

First, you’ll deactivate your Facebook account. You’ll still get emails from it, and it’s no different than just logging off, but the fact that you took necessary additional steps to deactivate it wires your brain to think that you’ve made the decision to seriously log off.

Then, you’ll uninstall Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder – all social media apps on your phone. Just kill them. Bury them. You don’t need them to survive. You can just text or call your friends the traditional way if you want to keep in touch. But remember, this is a challenge – it’s supposed to be hard, you lazy bum. And no, you can’t just let it sit there in your phone. You’ll be getting notifications, have stronger temptations to face off against — it’s just a prologue to a disastrous result.

Then, wait a week. See what happens. Resist all urge. You MUST pull through, or otherwise you’ll be back to ground level. You will feel restless and anxious, get mood swings, feel lost — all common withdrawal symptoms of any drug. The best solution? Go out. Try out new things. Go check that new restaurant out. Apply for a new job. Go to a local event. Go bike. Get some workouts done. Read a book. Learn to play the piano. The possibilities are endless. Then, after a week, you have all the freedom and bragging rights that you finished the challenge. Or, if you want to take a leap of faith, permanently delete your social media accounts. Yes, that’s what I did after saying a final goodbye to my hundreds of friends and ‘followers’. I have absolutely no regret.

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