NO-Bullshit Guide to Gaining Respect

There is a huge difference between being given respect due to the privilege you’re born with (being born a child of a rich businessman or politician) or due to your office title, and being EARNED respect due to your abilities. Respect through privilege and a superficial office title seems and always will be fake, whereas respect genuinely earned from others makes you feel like a god amongst men, which you are, if that many people respect and wish to be like you.

Follow these simplified, 100%-proven steps to lead, support, and gain respect from your friends, family, co-workers, women, and more.

  1. Have an area of expertise where you can succeed in. People will respect you if you’re a jack of all trades, envying your talent and sophistication, but bring in a man who’d spent most of his life perfecting his craft, and watch everyone talk about the greatness of that man. You will hear phrases such as, “How in this world did he manage to do that? I want to learn from him, holy shit…”. It would be wise to immediately start to find your passion, work it, polish it, use it, and feel your self-confidence level shoot up!
  2. Learn to control yourself. A man’s ability to garner respect and lead others is determined by his self-control. If you can’t control yourself, then you will never be able to control others. Set a respectable example for others, and watch others trying to copy you.
  3. Respect yourself, love yourself. Dress well, condition yourself, work towards your goals. First impressions last a lifetime. Respect yourself, others will follow.
  4. Be decisive. The man who fluctuates in his decisions is a strong indicator of his insecurity, and that he is unable to lead a successful and worthy life. He will falter on his quest to apex.
  5. Follow your principles and values. The man who gains respect is the man who sticks to his principles, regardless of the outcome. The man who is on the sidelines is the man who goes along with the flow, without hesitation surrendering himself to another man’s principles and laws. If you don’t yet know what principles to stand by, then suggest you to go out more and experience the world.
  6. Exceed expectations. This will come naturally when you find your passion and you take #1 to heart. Practice the habit of doing more than what you were paid for.
  7. Be optimistic. Weak-minded people give up when times are hard and distressful, some even turning to religion for guidance. People who demand respect must maintain a positive attitude and optimistically seek alternative and creative solutions to every problem they encounter. They are the ones who bring action and uplift the souls of others.
  8. Lift weightsIf there was only one piece of advice I could give regarding earning respect, then this is it, men. Who doesn’t feel great and mighty after an intense session of exercise? No man who have trained for years on his body will ever say that they have no self-respect. Lift weights, eat like a beast, and repeat. The rest of the advice in this post will come naturally to you.

Good luck out there.

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