One Little-Known Secret To Killing Laziness

Being a couch potato makes you feel like shit. Sure, you enjoy the comfort it gives you and the endless entertainment that you consume on your TV, laptop, smartphone. But after hours of indulging until you get bored, you check your social media for the latest feed, despite trying to reduce it. After an hour of doing that, you grab some potato chips and diet soda with ice, and you sit back on your couch or chair, again consuming more entertainment as you pack your body with processed food, making you ugly and fat.

When it’s time to go to bed, you look at yourself in the mirror and think, “I’ll exercise, tomorrow.” Then you fall asleep without any sense of real accomplishment, defeated. You then wake up in the morning, struggling to get off your comfortable bed, and you see a mess in the mirror. You go to work, slave away for 8 hours, come back home and repeat the process. This road leads to a lifestyle of sadness and embarrassment.

1034651_1280x720You are an animal; do not forget that. Animals weren’t born to sit still. Look at the wild animal kingdom around you and observe that they’re not sitting around in their nests, but being active 24/7 finding food and mates. Sure, their lifestyle will never be as comfortable as yours, but at least they don’t have to be sheep to the system. By having a 9-to-5 office job, you’re sitting still and doing nothing but doing what you’re told to do like a dog, or you risk getting fired. It’s not so different from sitting at home for the duration of the evening, occasionally rising to get some snacks or use the bathroom. Same thing in the workplace — you occasionally get up to take a piss or to get lunch. Everything seems too perfect. Too peaceful. There’s not much going on to tap into your primal animal instinct. You are an animal, surrounded by animals, but you were born with a superior brain. Use it to become a stronger and more attractive version of YOU. You were born with the capability to increase your strength and grow the size of your muscles. So, how does one go about fixing one’s laziness?


The best way to stop being a lazyass is to quit being a lazyass, cold turkey.

Do this for once: after you get off work, instead of going home, drive to a different part of the city where you rarely frequent, or to a different city. Spend the rest of the evening traveling to new places. Turn your GPS off and use your instincts. Let go of all your fears and worries, and just relax and go. Turn on your favorite music and enjoy the ride and stop worrying about the destination.

While you’re on your way to nowhere, chances are, you’re going to find something that catches your eye while you’re driving. It could be an event; a hot brunette walking down the street with her friends; an antique store; a new neighborhood; a lake. You can just shrug it off and say, “Oh, that’s nothing important. I’m just going to keep driving and never find out what’s over there,” but wouldn’t it be more interesting to interact with it and see what happens? Don’t let irrational fears hinder you from doing so.


Stop and smell the roses around you. Be human for just one night. You’ll come back home that night, in your bed, thinking about the adventure you’ve had, instead of thinking about the adventure of some fictional character on TV.

The main takeaway from this is to get yourself out of your home as much as possible. Your body and mind have become already accustomed to the familiarity of the comfort that your home offers. This will make you lazy. You will feel too comfortable to accomplish anything. You will feel like you have achieved your goals of getting a well-paid job, so you can now relax and slave away for the executives for the rest of your life.

Hope you studied high school history.

There’s a popular saying that stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow. You will become more attractive, have higher confidence, and acquire higher self-esteem – all attractive and desired qualities. If you cease to grow and accept your fate as just another lazy human being passing by, then you’ll never be able to reach the best you can ever be. You only have one life, so why are you wasting it by not going out there and conquering the world?

When you surround yourself with material objects, your life becomes material. But if you separate yourself from them, then you become closer to your real, hidden, inner self.

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