How To Get Reddit Upvotes

Reddit makes you lazy. It makes you wanting to come back every day. You look at pics after pics, releasing a crazy amount of dopamine in your head, making you mentally drained after a Reddit session. All that energy and motivation you stored inside of you in order to achieve great things and accomplish your goals just got zapped to pieces, thanks to Reddit. You replace your real life friends with Reddit, by taking your real life social interaction needs to a text-based forum with strangers. You satisfy your social needs through Reddit, when you should be satisfying them by doing things with real life friends. From an outside onlooker, what they see is different from what you see. What you’re seeing is a potentially vast storage of information for you to delve into and discover, but from the outside onlooker, you’re just another internet addict, glued to the screen just like everyone else on Reddit. You could be using that time at the gym or at a hiking trail, or at a night club in Las Vegas and networking with new people while making plans with a girl later that night.

The moment you post something on Reddit, you become a slave to the system if you let it affect you. You know you’re addicted to Reddit if you click on your profile name and see all the upvotes and downvotes you get. You get hooked to these upvotes, and downright offended with the downvotes. It affects you in a very discreet way. Days pass by, and you’re starting to learn how to tailor your message so that you can receive more upvotes from other redditors. You study other top posts to gauge the best way to receive more upvotes for your future posts. You feel afraid and anxious of speaking your mind, out of fear of being chastised and judged by some losers on Reddit. So, because you want to be accepted by the community, you start changing and adapting your behavior to get their approval.

You then realize that you’re at crossroads with this as you realize that you’ve become more submissive and dependent on upvotes. You have a choice—-to either speak your mind in spite of going against the popular opinion, or to adopt a ‘Reddit’-personality, meaning you must have the following characteristics in order to be a Reddit celebrity:

-Type in perfect English; otherwise, 1/2 of the population isn’t going to bother reading it.
-You are always less important than other Redditors. If you ever brag about yourself, prepare to get downvoted by hypersensitive and insecure bastards. Self-promotion should be encouraged.
-Don’t ever question the status quo.
-Don’t ever be negative.
-Don’t harass anyone.
-Don’t be inappropriate.

It’s like there’s a dress code on Reddit you gotta follow to get some votes. Sounds no different from an office.

Or, if you’re like me, just don’t give a fuck about the votes and post your opinions away. Who gives a damn if you offend someone just because your opinion differs from theirs. Their choice to get hurt and express that by downvoting, instead of messaging you privately to discuss it. It’s as if they have no balls of their own to even confront you through text.

Best way to browse Reddit? Just don’t make an account. No one really gives a shit what you post. Rather go out and meet people face to face instead of living in some digital world with shitty and outdated UI.

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