The REAL Causes of Procrastination

Procrastination runs deep in the DNA of the Average American. Being born in an age where advertisement dominates the media doesn’t help the case in the slightest bit. When you compare kids in developing countries and the kids in well-developed countries, the difference is strikingly different. The latter is lazier and have no incentive to work hard to survive, whereas the former doesn’t even know the concept of procrastination since they are too busy making money for themselves so they can wake up the next day.

“Studies” from many mainstream websites & blogs blame the individual for their procrastination. The writers of the articles would put the finger on you for your causes of procrastination. They don’t simply see the way the environment in which these ‘procrastinators’ grew up influences and actually causes the procrastination in these young adults. They simply say, “You’re just a lazy fuck, and I’m not. Here’s an article to make yourself feel worse so I can feel better about myself.”

One of the articles I read listed the following as the reasons for procrastination:

  1. Your dad was really strict when you were a kid.
  2. You’re afraid to succeed.
  3. You’re afraid to fail.
  4. You don’t want to acknowledge your shortcomings.
  5. You need to adjust your perception of time.
  6. You have an “all-or-nothing” mindset.
  7. You don’t practice self-compassion.

Just observe how it’s always you’re fault. For every reason they list out, it’s a punch to the reader’s mind, an inflicting blow, affecting your self-esteem levels by making you even more self-conscious and self-aware about yourself than is necessary.

The article claims that the “first step to conquering the behavior is figuring out exactly what’s causing it.” when it’s clearly targeted towards those who procrastinate, so why would it contradict itself by assuming that the readers would actually take the time to figure out what’s causing it? That, in itself, is work. Nobody wants to get extra work. So what if you figure out what’s causing it? What are you going to do? You won’t know what to do. You’ll be lost, trying to google any information you can find about it. But it’s just information, the information you don’t NEED for survival. By actually WASTING precious time researching about your cause of procrastination, you’re actually submitting to society that you have a problem. And by acknowledging that you have a problem, your self-esteem gets lower, thinking you’re at a possible disadvantage against those who don’t procrastinate.

The truth is that everyone procrastinates. Especially Donald Trump, to take an example. He’s playing more golf than Obama has. The USA herself is lazy. She hasn’t paid off her debt when she said she would! Talk about procrastination!

The REAL cause of procrastination is capitalism.Capitalism

Capitalism started out with small businesses that were independent. How do businesses make money? By selling products and services that people enjoy. What happens when businesses become too strong? They are able to more easily distract consumers by giving them a stronger incentive to procrastinate and use their products/services rather than accomplishing their goals. Businessmen try to figure out how to grab your attention. Do you think they care about your exams or goals as long as they get your money?

The article mentioned in this post itself is a cause for your procrastination. Instead of studying for that exam or getting your work outs in, you decide to spend 15 minutes getting distracted by reading the article,  because it resonates with you.

If it’s not capitalism, then what is it? We have everything we need in the States. We have cars, beauty products, great food, booming economy, diversity, Hollywood, TV, music, etc. So why should we study for that exam or get some workouts done when we can just sit back and enjoy life like kings? A typical middle-class individual probably has more resources than a member of a royal  family from history.

The millennials were born and grew up with advertisements filling up their mind. They were taught from the beginning the correct values and principles. They were taught to go to school and be forced to endure knowledge which you’ll never use in real life but needed to keep your mind in tact with the country. They were taught to consume media if they feel lonely. They were taught to practice free speech, yet can’t find the courage to speak up against the media when everyone follows the media like sheep.

Don’t waste your precious time and life on reading mainstream media articles, or just any media, in general. You should always protect your mind from any external influence and keep your mind as natural as possible to live a life of purpose.

Get in touch with your inner animal. Reach the apex of your enlightenment as an earthly human being. Start by leaving social media behind.


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