Rely On No One

You are out there by yourself, for yourself. Everything else comes second. You are first.

Don’t rely on others to help you make decisions, but don’t be afraid to ask for help when you absolutely need it.

Be independent, but always strive to help others in need.

Say no to peer pressure, then you’re truly an independent person. Succumb to peer pressure, then you are no more valuable than a dog.

If you can’t make a decision without inputs from others, then there is something in your life holding you back from doing so. Perhaps it’s a controlling friend, boss, girlfriend, or father. Whatever it is, distance yourself from them as much as possible. Cut ties, if necessary. Your happiness and well-being is more important than theirs. They will be angry and sad that you cut ties, but eventually, as all humans being do, they will find a way to cope and move on. After such seemingly tragic event, both of you will learn from the experience and grow wiser. Life ain’t all smiles and rainbow, kids.

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