Use Forums to Market Your Ideas

Everyone can make a blog, but only a select few will actually make a living out of it. When asked about their success, they’ll likely to tell you a recycled answer — use AdWords or any other SEO marketing techniques. Well, the one thing they don’t reveal is the value of social media marketing. Almost half of the world population is on social media. Your job is to figure out how to reach them. And let me tell you, it’s not easy, and it’s not pleasant.

Let’s start with the most obvious. A natural way to start off the whole quest (like you take on a quest given by an NPC in a video game) on how to market your business or product or your entry-level porn-actor resume is to start at the biggest website: (Google makes money by selling ad space). But they’re gonna ask you to pay hundreds if not thousands to get your website displayed. And the reason why it’s so expensive is because you’re fighting against the TOP of the competition, like Microsoft or Apple. So you look to Youtube. Youtube at least as a lot of audience, but not as much as Google. It’s free to upload videos. But how will you get views? You’re competing for views against the competition, like PewDiePie or Nigahiga. Where can you find your niche market? How can you reach them?

Use forums. Any forum. Provide links to your video. Share your product so potential customers can see it. But first, you have to follow some rules.

Rule #1: Maintain a good standing in the forum before you start marketing. Nobody respects a newbie and nobody will listen to a newbie. Have some good following and watch what you say. Guard your reputation. Be a member for as long as possible. Post at least once a day, and make sure they’re well-thoughtout posts.

Rule #2: Don’t be explicit with your advertisement. You are more likely to get your topics deleted when you blatantly advertise your product. Forums like to have rules to keep ads to a minimum, because they’re most likely selling ads space to others.

Rule #3: which brings us to our next rule, which is to advertise discretely. When you advertise, you need to be sneaky about it. You need to take the focus of your readers to a bigger topic of discussion but sneakily provide a link to your product ONLY if it would make sense to do so, and ONLY if it would help in bringing your Trojan horse to a clearer light.

Follow these rules and I promise you will never be without customers.

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