Keep Your Car Clean

Your car can do things you physically can’t. It can hold more things than you. It can get you to places in faster time than you. It can also get you ‘a room’ when you need it. Basically, what you’re driving has the potential to be what you’ll live in. Just as you keep yourself clean (but ready to get dirty when needed), keep your car clean. Keep your car clean.

Keeping your car clean gives you something to do. It gives you a purpose. Most people are too lazy to clean out the filth in their cars because they’d rather spend time and energy on consuming the fabricated content of the media than getting off their ass and doing simple tasks. They tell themselves they’ll do it later. They think they’re too good and important to ‘waste time’ on touching trash. They’re too used to seeing minorities do the dirty work. These people are afraid of success. They tell themselves, ‘what’s the point of cleaning the car if it’s going to be dirty again?‘ That’s laziness talking. That’s pessimism talking. That’s a BITCH talking. A dirty car only makes your path to your goals messier. But do what you like.

The lure of social media and the Internet can distract you from your goals — goals that matter. These goals should focus on getting you out of your comfort zone. If you focus on goals widely accepted by your culture, then you’ll never truly be happy because someone has already accomplished these goals ahead of you. Set your own goals, and make sure those goals contradict the popular goals. Because you’ll be the first to accomplish your own goals.

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