Don’t Feed Your Brain Dirt

Everything you see with your eyes, your brain processes it and stores it. Everything you hear, smell, feel, taste — your brain processes everything and stores it. The more you expose your senses to a single common environment, the more you become accustomed to that environment, and the more likely you will be part of that environment.

I know of one friend who got an ‘oral service’ from a hooker he found on Craigslist. He paid $80 for it. He was in celibacy for 2 years. He couldn’t resist the temptation. I remember hearing that he spent close to three hours that night trying to find the ‘right one.’ I can’t even play a fun video game for that long. He browsed the site again the next night, looking for that next rush. He spent three hours looking at the pictures of the hookers, reading their alluring descriptions, exchanging emails and texts.

On the third day, all he could think about were the hookers and how he’ll be able to find the money to pay for their services. He’d blank out at work, constantly replaying all of the content that he consumed, drooling at the corner of his mouth. I felt bad for him. He was killing it at the gym and working his way up in his career, but a simple experience with a hooker left him a weaker man. He became addicted to sex with random women, hookers. He skipped workouts and his work performance? Degraded, just like his masculinity. Instead of following the direct path to his goals, he decided to stop at one point to let the desperate and the weak side of him to take over.

He became a victim to his own temptations.

He lost track of his goals.

He flooded his brain with images of hookers and late night sex.

He pushed aside everything he learned to succeed at his goals to make space for sex with dirty hookers.

He lost all self-respect for himself by engaging in these lowly activities, wasting hours of his life on looking for that next rush, that next hooker to suck his soul out of him.

Learn from his mistakes. Make some space in your brain for REAL and WORTHY content, like actual and useful knowledge that would aid you in your quest to the APEX of your entire life. Erase all the porn in your hard drive. Erase movies and TV shows. Why use up all that reserved space in your brain for fictional media like movies/TV when you can allocate those reserved space to a book or an experience with your loved ones?

You are what you eat. Browse around Craigslist for hookers, you become a sex addict. Watch the Game of Thrones, you become a fan of the Game of Thrones. Read books and watch videos on Martian history, you become a sci-fi nerd. But eat your greens, read motivational articles, surround yourself with other successful people, you become a better man. Travel the world and experience everything, then you become a sophisticated person.

You are what you eat.

Will you consume content that will help you reach your goals, or will you consume content that will give you short-lived satisfactions, only to feel like trash later?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Feed Your Brain Dirt

  1. This article reminds me of the idea of outo-suggestions in “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill,.

    True, the more you feed your brain with certain content, the more you think about it.

    For many years, since the beginning of the world, people have shaped themselves to who they are by constantly consuming the right food.

    Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

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