Suicide and Depression

Suicide is a loser’s way out. You were given one life to live, and you’re ending it for what? Because the weight of the pressure is too much? Boo-hoo! We all go through our lives with the pressure — deal with it. Nobody has more power than you to change your mindset and to live a better life. Did you know that most people who jump off the bridge immediately regret jumping?

If you’re going to commit suicide, then why not at least do the things you’ve always wanted to do before dying? How about you try going skydiving with a Meetup group and then think about killing yourself? Or at least travel to the Amazons and die while exploring there? If you’re going to commit suicide, then don’t die in your room alone. Die with style.

One other tip is to go lift. People have this strange habit of hurting themselves with slashes to their wrists, enjoying the pain they get because they feel alive? Why not go to a gym or outside and run until your whole body aches? Or get in a boxing match with someone and get beat up? That’s the kind of pain that’ll truly make you feel alive. Slashing your own wrists just creates a bloody mess, and it’s annoying having to clean all that up.

Also, if you decided that your life is meaningless and that it should end, then think again. You have more freedom than you have ever imagined. You can get a puppy, if that’s your thing. Or you can immerse yourself in video games to get you out of the suicidal thoughts. There’ve been reports that video games actually cure depression. But video games.. too much of it is also bad.

I say, stop worrying so much about life. Stop worrying so much about debt, frail relationships, yada yada yada. You’re not alone in this struggle. I was bullied my entire life, humiliated in front of everyone, betrayed by my close childhood friends. I got myself into tens of thousands of college debt. My relationships with my family were falling apart, and my dating life just disappeared. I thought it was over for me, stuck in this situation, working a job I hate. I was depressed for months, if not years, and I toyed with suicidal thoughts.

I knew there had to be way out of this; I just had to find it.

I started exercising. Even though I just wanted to stay home and not do anything, I forced myself to go, even for at least 15 minutes. I stayed at the gym for 2 hours. I did everything — weightlifting, cardio, stretching. I walked out the door exhausted, but the depression instantly got cured and my outlook on life was looking positive.

I started saving up, getting a 2nd side gig, sold my car, sold all the stuff I don’t need. I felt more free. I cut out social media. I cut out porn. I cut out excessive video gaming and web surfing. I focused on improving myself. I got better with the ladies. I got more clarity in my life.

You can, too. There’s always a way to get out of your situation. Suicide is never an option. You just didn’t look hard enough.

Start by getting rid of your instagram, facebook, and snapchat. Give yourself some time to recoup and recharge from the virtual world of social media. Then, limit your consumption of media. Start a gym membership. Explore the city around you. Read a book in its entirety. Reward yourself with some quality ale and relax after you do all that.


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