The Alpha Mindset: Beat Social Anxiety, Be Hungry For More, Achieve

An alpha male has and cultivates his courage endlessly. It’s a dangerous world out there, and it’ll require courage to go out and risk your well-being. There’s nowhere safer than home, so the average Joe would stay home. Instead of asking women out in person, they depend on smartphone apps to do the dirty work for them. Instead of going out and buying and picking their own food, they depend on some app to have someone do the dirty work for them. Instead of leading a fulfilling life and traveling to a developing country in a foreign continent for exploration, they explore fantasy lands in a video game at the comfort of their chairs behind their computer monitors, safe from the world.

These betas will never find out more about themselves if they remain stuck at home most of the time getting their enjoyment of life out of digital screens. They will never grow because they always stayed in their comfort zone, too afraid of failure or success if they do decide to break out of their comfort zone. They like what they have now. They are satisfied, even though they know they can achieve more. As Bruce Lee said,

Be happy, but never satisfied.

You should keep killin’ at the game of life. Keep forcing yourself to do the things that make you uncomfortable.

If wearing a tank top makes you feel weird because of your terribly ugly farmer’s tan, then do it! Wear it all day and see what happens. Ignore the haters.

If your mind doesn’t want your body to eat that food, then eat it! Rebel against your mind and force yourself to go through it.

If making eye contact makes you feel funny and awkward, then do it! Do make eye contact until the other person breaks it. You’ll probably be scarred by the experience, but you’ve come out facing your fears just by sheer determination, and now you can sleep like a fat gorilla knowing you conquered your fear for the day instead of cowering. The whole point is to step out of your comfort zone and GROW.

It’s all in the mind. Your body is capable, scarily capable of doing many amazing things.

It’s all in the mind. You can be the next celebrity bodybuilder as long as you put your damn mind to it.

IT’S ALL IN THE MIND! Give a fat-ass middle finger to your mind, saying “Screw you, mind!” and get your body to work. Get busy, achieve goals you set for yourself, ignore your mind’s lazy attitude. Your body listens to your mind, so make your mind into something that’s ready to fuck life in the ass. Set a goal. Find something you want to do. And work towards it. Even if the process to get there is boring. Force yourself, force your mind to do it.

Your body is capable; your body has immense amount of potential force and power. Are you going to let life whither away and keep you from unleashing your power? Are you just going to remain satisfied with what you have, or are you going to conquer your fears and be hungry to reach your full potential before the Reaper comes out of nowhere to take your soul? You will never be able to truly know yourself if you don’t take risks and face your fears.

Thomas Edison failed to find the right ingredient over 1,000 times before inventing the modern light bulb.

Christopher Columbus and his crew sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, not knowing if they will ever find land or not. He was determined to forgo a predictable life of comfort to really see if the world was indeed flat. He knew there was only one way to find out, and that someone had to be the one to find it.

Yi Soon-shin defended his nation of Korea despite being outnumbered 133 warships to 13. With sheer willpower and courage, he managed to destroy 31 of the 133 Japanese warships without losing a single ship of his own. The logical thing would have been to surrender and have your life spared.

Don’t be a loser and a lazy snob like those who’ll tell you it’s not worth going through pains and making sacrifices to achieve your goals. Think big, dream big. Keep your mind set on that goal and work towards it. People seem to love bringing successful people down, just like how a group of crabs will bring another crab down if they see the crab almost reaching the top of the bucket and getting out of it. These people are jealous that you were able to make it so far to the top.

Erase any or all toxic people out of your life. They are a complete waste of your time and energy. You can always find better people to hang out with.

Don’t argue with idiots.

No one knows more about yourself than yourself.

Trust your instincts.

Question authority.

Befriend with rejection.

Conquer your fears if they get in the way of your desires and goals.

Or remain a coward for the rest of your life and lose all respect for yourself.

Face all consequences like a man. You’re not even being forced to fight in the Colosseum.  What’ve you got to lose?

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