The Alpha Habit: Think Big, Be Direct, Weed Out Fluff

Don’t lose your energy and vitality into things that don’t contribute to your goals. You should be harnessing your mental acuity for thinking big, like a damn boss ready to get out there and make a name of himself.

Always surround yourself with success-oriented people. Surround yourself with success, actively. Success breeds success. That’s obvious, if you’re success-oriented like I am.

Don’t get lost in mindless, boring, soul-sucking tasks. If possible, delegate those damn tasks to someone willing to work for you so you can get f***ing busy with your next big moves.

Be curious and open-minded. Ask the right questions, and you’ll see success follow YOUR trail.

Keep your head up high always. Although I don’t advocate putting other people down to make yourself feel better, keeping your head up with your chin forward makes it seem as if you’re looking down on your surroundings. This gives you a feeling of power, which is healthy for your self-esteem. Harness and leverage that to your advantage in your daily lives. Let the hate and the jealousy flow towards you. Haters hate because they’re losers who are too lazy to do anything about their loser-ness.

Do, or do not. There is no try.

Strive to take chances. Take each rejection and failure as an opportunity for you to evolve into a stronger and a more formidable version of you. You should actively seek to get rejected every day so you learn more about the world around you, but most importantly, about yourself.

Get your computer off your desk. The computer is designed with the consumer in mind, so companies will hire the best and the smartest people to design a product that will work to steal your attention and focus. Microsoft and Apple are 2 well-known culprits. They hire the smartest people from Yale, Harvard, UCLA, who dedicated half of their lives studying how most people think, and so they form teams of professionals to develop a product to suck you in. This is precious time and energy you’re using on browsing the Internet with the latest and the coolest technologies. Fun, sure, but wasteful. That’s the loser’s way to life. An alpha knows to use all of that precious time and energy to accomplish his goals. Self-made millionaires didn’t make a fortune overnight. They took on a habit geared towards success, and that most indefinitely includes cutting off distractions. Because they know success rewards those who are in the race to success, in the race to self-reliance, in the race to apex, with a mindset of a blood-thirsty killer eager to win it all.

Tell you what — unplug your computer and leave all of that in a closet, or if you’re like me, you can go a bit further and free your desk space by relocating the computer monitor and keyboard+mouse on the floor so you have fresh space to work on. If you need to use the computer, which should be almost never, you’d have to use it on the ground, and nobody likes to work on dirty floors. Trust me, it works.

How I reduced my computer usage time by 95% and became alpha.

From your man,

Lucius Duke

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