The Alpha High-School Graduate


You made it to the top of the free public school system. You survived 18 years, whereas many fail to even reach that age. By now you’ll have enough knowledge & experience to survive in the real world. You’re ready to kick some serious ass, make some money and begin life fresh and childish.

What’s that? CHILDISH? But I’m a motherf***in’ adult now.

You damn naive fool. You think 18 years of mooching off your parents’ money and house makes you an adult? You think 18 years of watching and inspired by Batman prepares you to kick ass in the real world? No, it only just helped mold you into the person you are today, but without the real-world skills needed to thrive. All of the decisions made by your parents, by your teachers, by YOU, shaped you into what you are today.

Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

-Fight Club

It’s not your fault you grew up in an unfavorable environment, such as those filled with violence, sex, pain, anger, agony, broken relationships, disorder, poverty — you name it. Your parents decided to have you in those egregious environments instead of working hard to raise you in a healthier environment. So, you are what you are today. You are what you surround yourself with. You are a byproduct of your parents’ decisions, because it is their responsibility to raise you into what you are today. But you can change that with the power of choice and persistence.

With that harsh truth of reality said, at the golden age of 18, you have the freedom of choice. With 18 years of life experience under your belt, you are faced with many different options – options that’ll lead you to success or downright failure. Are you going to stay home and work a dead-end job at a fast-food restaurant and submit to your shift manager’s wishes, or will you lose it all and start from scratch a stronger man?

You spent the past 12 years listening to your teachers, your parents and other demanding adults, submitting to their wishes and having your freedom stripped away from you. Now, it’s payback.

Let me give you some tips that I would tell my 18-year old self to succeed and win at the game of life and reach the apex of my life.

Have fun. Go out, do whatever you want. You only have one life to live. When you become an adult, all that free time will be taken away from you. You can think of settling down and reflecting on your career goals AFTER you’ve spent  your last teen years enjoying what the world has to offer with no limit.

Take a gap year before applying to colleges. Go travel, experiment with your life, meet new people. Learn valuable life experience. Learn to know what you want from life. Because college is a commitment. If you don’t know what you want in life, then college will be a pointless and worthless time-waster. You’ll know if college is worth your time or not after a gap year.

Get a gym membership and start lifting. You’re at the stage of every man’s life where their bodies are rapidly gaining momentum to turn you into the man you dream of becoming. Get your body into shape and maintain a strong, formidable foundation to prep you for life. You will be more prepared to handle yourself and others.

Lose and cut ties with toxic people. This includes your drug-addict friends, your selfish parents, and even that YouTuber who films himself being an annoyance in the public to steal your attention and monetize on your time, which you could use on more worthy pursuits. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Surround yourself with people who don’t give a shit about what others think of them as they pursue ruthlessly their goals. Be inspired by them.

Set small goals and work towards them. You’re young, wild, and free, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some goals to actually work towards. I don’t mean picking a life goal and working towards it. Pick small goals that are actually achievable in small increments of time. Challenge yourself by learning a new skill, such as guitar or magic. Keep this habit up, and by the time you enter college or your 20’s, it’ll pay off. Trust me. You need this to succeed. You need this to climb, mentally and physically. Or, stay in the bottom with the rest of your high school graduates as they get lost in the real world.

Shave your hair. Lose any attachment to your hair. You have better things to do than worry about how to work your hair every morning like a girl.

Fuck social media. Fuck Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder. Seriously, fuck ’em from the behind and leave their worn-up bodies in garbage. They’re there to waste your time. You could be out there doing real shit with your attention and mind focused on your real surroundings, instead of staying glued to your smartphone screen, checking out what others posted. What good is that? Delete your social media accounts permanently. I did, and I felt like a whole new man afterwards. Or are you too attached? What are you afraid of? Your friends aren’t going to go away. Don’t you have their numbers? Emails? Still can’t do it? Guess you’re just not ready to grow up. Challenge yourself to get rid of social media. You don’t need it for survival. You’re better than that. Delete it, or reduce it tremendously. Limit it to 15 minutes a day, MAX.

Start a credit card, but never go into debt. Open a savings account.

Break up with your high school sweetheart. You need to let go.

Sell every old stuff in your room. You need to let go.

Leave your comfortable life behind and go on an adventure. Just let it go.

Learn to say NO. The power to say no is what defines the alpha type. The willingness to say no is what breeds respect.

Let go of old habits. Start fresh. Take risks. Learn a new skill. Do whatever makes you uncomfortable, because that’s how you grow.

It’s time to grow out of your tiny safe little shell you built as a teen. It’s time for a metamorphosis. What comes out of that cocoon will depend on the choices you make NOW. There’s never later. It’s now, or never. Not next week, not tomorrow, not in 30 minutes, but now. No successful man ever said, “I’ll just do that tomorrow.”

You reached the top. Now, you’re at the bottom again. This time, you’re going to reach higher, not stay at the same level, or worse, fall down. You’re going to be met with failures and setbacks. You will feel down. But you’ll come out stronger if you choose to not let these affect you negatively. You can be anything you want as long as you put your mind to it and work your ass off for it with persistence.

But that’s an advice for college graduates. You’re just a high school graduate. Go out and have fun. Don’t get bogged down by bills, bureaucracy, and the worries of the world. Get out there and conquer the world! Be free!

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