Alpha Jedi Knight

There’s a game called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It’s an old game. 2003 old. It was my favorite video game back then. It garnered hundreds of awards that year. It inspired books, films, a cult following, and an internationally-famed online multiplayer game that is still being played by many people currently.

It’s a fantastic game. I played the game maybe over 10 times. At least. It’s known for its story, and you could argue that some can socially benefit from the game because of its heavy emphasis on dialogue, character development, and even romance. You can simply take your hero character and hit up a female character and learn the in’s and out’s of talking to a lady.

Take a look at this video.

The player talks to this hot British chick, (a Jedi chick assigned to accompany the player’s hero character) something most boys wouldn’t be able to do in real life without pissin’ in their pants. The player can choose to either initiate a conversation with her or not. Then, the player can choose to either escalate to a more intimate relationship, or be a wimp and back out and save the galaxy as a celibacy without getting some much needed action and release. (I remember when I first played the game, I felt a sense of anxiety creep up in me as I dove deeper into the conversation. I didn’t want to ruin this moment. If I felt this same anxiety in real life, then the girl would have noticed and the whole moment would have turned awkward. But because I am a changed man, I know better.)

Note how all the dialogue options are laid out for you. Now, take out the dialogue options, and you talk to her. You get lost in the middle of the conversation. You start to miss having the dialogue options laid out before you. You think to yourself, What do I say now? I want to _________ her. You turn into a child without his mommy to guide him, without his daddy to tell him what to do. You lose focus, you panic, you seek the help of God, Allah, Buddah, Elephant God.

You wish you had some sort of magical power that would give you real-time dialogue options whenever you’re talking to someone to get what you want. Well, it’s really simple to get that power, and it’s free. Read on.

Let’s start with why you and many other struggle in this context.

The reason why you are unable to quickly use your mental acuity and focus to drive the conversation to escalation is because you lose focus of your main life goal. You replace your definite life goal with this temporary “romantic” goal of getting laid with this chick. That’s how you get sidetracked from your goals as an alpha. In order to achieve a level of confidence and comfort to deal with women, keep your damn eyes on your definite life goal. Never put the woman on a pedestal, or risk being a weak little pussy who lost to the allure of a single woman. And lose all self-respect you have for yourself, as well as the respect the woman has for you, if any, at all.

The hero character that the player controls is given a single mission by his Jedi Masters. That is, to save the entire fucking galaxy. He doesn’t have time to sit back and take a 3-day vacation so he could sit at his home and watch Netflix or lounge at the beach as if he has no definite mission or purpose. There is no time to sit around and play when you have a mission to accomplish before your mission becomes completely nullified by unforeseen consequences just because you took some vacation. If you do something you want to do or need to do, taking a vacation would be the last thing on your to-do list. In fact, it shouldn’t even exist. Do you think a success-oriented CEO would risk getting beat by his competition by taking a 3-day vacation from his duties? If you’re reading this and if you’re a blogger, then have you ever thought of taking a vacation from your blog? No? Then keep blogging and make yourself and others happy. If so, then maybe it’s time to reconsider your career, or stop being lazy and get on the grind-train to the apex of your one-chance life.

The hero character has a mission to accomplish, and he’s not going to let a single girl bring mankind to extinction. Same as your purpose – you’re not going to be intimidated by a single interaction with a woman because you know you have better things to accomplish than allocating all of your mental resources in trying to get in her pants.

If you nurture and cultivate the awareness of your ultimate goal daily, then everything will seem like a breeze. Because your mind is so fixated upon that goal, you’ll get impatient with mindless chatter and banter; you’ll learn to say what’s necessary and extract necessary information, weeding out fluff. Then talking to a hot chick would come more naturally to you. That’s the alpha way, folks. An alpha prioritizes his goal, and he will selfishly work towards it, burning bridges if necessary. In a chick’s eyes, that is hot.

So, just as the hero character has a mission he knows he needs to accomplish, have a set goal for yourself and work towards it. Keep your mind fixed on that goal. Be obsessed. Then observe all the status, fame, money, and women gravitate toward you.

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