Lift ‘Til You Can’t

You will never grow if you remain in your comfort zone.

You will never be able to reach closer to your highest potential if you don’t take risks to climb and fall.

How did humans map the world? They took their chances and failed. With each failure, the map of the world was close to completion. The next adventurer took on the previous adventurer’s notes and maps and continued the legacy of the world map making. If they all decided to stay in their comfort zone, we’d never have made progress. It’s just the way the world works. You lose some, you gain some. You step out into the unknown, you keep doing that, and the unknown suddenly becomes the known. It’s not voodoo magic. It’s common sense.

I see every day in the gym a lot of guys acting tough in the gym, yet they comfortably lift doing 5 reps, 8 reps, 12 reps. They don’t rep until their face turns into an ugly gorilla. They comfortably, without struggle, complete their sets, as if it’s a chore to them. That’s an insult to the weightlifting community.

When I see actual and serious lifters, like me, lift, they lift until they can’t. They give it their all to squeeze that last rep in. I can tell because, even though eyes are on ’em, the blood-filled aggressive expression on their face gives it away. Then, they fail to complete the rep. They take a short break and try again. Til failure. Then once more. They make those faces because it’s a hard struggle to deal with. It’s painful, your body tenses up, your muscles are activated to their maximum capacity. You deplete much of your stored energy, and your body simply gets tired. But your body listens to whatever your mind tells it to do. Force yourself to rep until failure.

Cultivate the discipline and the mindset to get used to the pain. As cheesy as it may sound, no pain, no gain.

Imagine you’re fighting someone. You have to give it your all. When you’re on the floor wrestling your opponent, he’s going to give it his all to take you down, and you’re to give it your all to take him down. You have to prepare for that moment, or you’ll lose.

Be a warrior, and be an example to those around you in the gym. Rep until you fail. Don’t give in to the pain. When you feel the pain, your mind is telling you to slow down, but your body can take it. Keep going. Scream if needed to get that last rep in. Make sure you really can’t do it anymore. You need to give it your all at the last rep, or it doesn’t count, and you will never grow stronger and cross boundaries.

Keep at it and watch yourself grow and be amazed by the beauty of it all.

“Last one”? No. Only quitters say the word “last”. Winners go further & say, “One more.” This rep should be so painful and tiring that your life flashes before you.

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