Transformations Don’t Come Easy… (pic)

I had long, lanky, and weak little arms with no definition. My upper body was underdeveloped, and my abdomen needed tons and tons of work. I went through multiple programs to help me get what I want. I experimented with different diets, programs, habits in my ultimate 2017 quest to uncover the secret formula to getting jacked and attractive.

This was a process that took about a year. I’ve found the secret formula to gaining muscles and losing fat under a month.

I want to share my secret of success with you, but only to those who shows they’re willing to learn it. I have no desire to waste time with those who are only half-interested or “just curious.” There are other sellout websites for you lazy bums to gloss over. But my advice is only worthy to those who are ready to give their all in achieving their goals, hungry to reach the top and to discover more about their bodies and themselves.


Take action and begin your transformation as soon as possible. Winners only. No crybabies, no quitters, no complainers. Following my blog wouldn’t hurt.

Stay tuned for more.

Your man,

Lucius Duke


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