Are you going to die a fake?


You’re a decaying organic matter just like everything else.

Nobody actually cares about you more than you care about yourself.

They will say through words, “I do care” to get your trust so they can use your trust for their own agenda.

So, trust no one but yourself. Nobody knows you better than yourself.

Be direct and frank with people. Be honest with your feelings. You have one life, and you accept you will die one day, so might as well make every moment count.

Why cower behind a fake mask? To gain approval? To get on good terms? What good is that if you’re going to live your life a fake? Are you going to die a fake? Or will you live and die with satisfaction that you were courageous enough to say what’s on your mind?

Will you do what society tells you to do like a slave or a dog in a leash? Are you too afraid to find out what will happen if you follow your own path?

You don’t need to appease haters. You only have haters because you’re doing something right for once. Let them hate and drown in their misery while you push on.

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