The Alpha Path: Be Decisive, Kill Distractions, Conquer Fears

A man will always enter a state of fear when he stumbles upon two paths and doesn’t know which path to take. He will stay at the intersection, reaching out to his brain for reasoning.

Which path should I take? he asks himself.

He rocks back and forth, alone, not being able to reach a decision. He knows he needs to choose one path eventually, but fears that he might choose the wrong path. He imagines worst-case scenarios for every move he might make, fearing for those results. He then realizes that he is safe, comfortable, and virtually invincible if he stays in that spot of indecision.

Nothing can really hurt me if I stay here.

So he stays there. He relaxes.

Life ain’t bad. I’ll make a decision later. But for now, I’ll just enjoy what I got.

After some time, boredom settles in and colonizes his mind.

Hey, mind. This is boredom. We’ll come over and make your life miserable.

The mind communicates to the brain. The brain sends out signals throughout the body indicating the need to kill this threat. The man then preserves his safe zone with security locks and heads backwards where he previously tread, into the land of the known. He returns with a fresh supply of goodies — a TV set, a couch, and some books so he won’t feel stupid.

Time passes. He realizes that his life is worthless with all this stuff that he doesn’t need for survival. He steps up, with his fat belly hanging out, and choose the left path. He musters up the courage and takes the path, determined to never stop and find out what’s waiting for him at the end.

The path gets lonely. It gets dark. And it begins to scare him. He misses the comforts of his home. He misses the laughs and the fun times he got from playing Call of Duty. He turns his head around. He can still turn around and go back. He hesitates again, just as he did before. He stands there, thinking,

Should I keep going or return? 

Cycle continues.

He returns back to his home. But he has hired professionals to move his belongings to the spot where he stopped. Now, he has belongings with him AND he walked far enough to make himself feel satisfied for at least having made a move.

He purchases additional security systems to secure his useless stuff. He feels lonely, so he downloads a dating app and meets potential women whom he’ll date. Yet, despite getting matches, he feels that this idea of letting an algorithm find you a human female is empty, soulless, and void of humanity. It’s a disgrace that he’s letting some algorithm take over his masculine instinct to reach out to women on his own. But he doesn’t care anymore as soon as he reads an article proclaiming that dating apps are okay for your mind, even healthy. He buys into this article–most likely paid for by the dating apps.

He gets tired of the dating apps. He is tired of putting on a mask to attract women just for sex. He hates not being able to be himself without fear of being ostracized by others.

He once again musters up the courage, but this time, he loses his belongings for good and takes the path in deeper.

He isn’t stopping. He feels fear creeping into him, but he leverages this to his advantage to keep himself motivated, ready to kill, ready to dominate, ready to win.

You should go back to your home. Don’t you remember how happy and satisfied you were with your TV set? Didn’t you hear about that new car on sale? You should get it. Don’t you miss playing Overwatch? Don’t you miss the freedom to watch beautiful women—


He shuts his mind out. He has conquered his mind. He has won.

But there’s one thing.

His body is worn out. His body is breaking apart. No matter how much he forces his mind to reject defeat, his body has lost its youthful vitality. What once constituted his well-being is now a liability.

He turns his head. There’s no sight of his home. He has walked far, and is proud of it. He sees ahead, looks ahead into the horizon. He sees a slimmer of light, like the captain of the ship finally seeing land. But the boat has taken too many beatings, and it is failing. The man falls to his knees.

I need to make it. I’m so close. My goal is waiting for me.

He loses vision. He loses his hearing. He tries to yell for help, but his weakened body won’t allow him in order to preserve the last remaining energy. He falls on his face. The world doesn’t care about him. He has nothing to show. He is a nobody. He is just another organic matter that wasted its life on superficial materials. Besides, people have much better things to do than waste their own energy in helping this sucker.

However, another man comes to help him.

Let me help you, friend.

He introduces him as the Grim Reaper.

Your life is mine!

The takeaway message is this:

Make decisions fast. The longer you wait, the harder it gets, no matter what wrong or right decisions you make. Treat each decision like you have a gun to your head. Sometimes you need to take your time to think it otu. Sometimes you need others’ opinions. But never let this linger on, or you’ll never get it done. When you have a decision to make, don’t back away in fear. Nothing great has ever been accomplished by backing away from fear.

We never would have set foot on the Moon if we didn’t conquer our fears.

We never would have gone in and stopped Hitler’s dreams of Jew extermination if we didn’t conquer our fears.

We never would have created this modern civilization to progress humanity without sacrificing the comfort of previous civilizations.

“Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing. Like the first monkey shot into space.”

You need to take action. A life without action is a life without energy, and a life without energy is essentially death.

After you have made a decision, trust it. Don’t doubt yourself. Go along with it. Doubt inspires fear, and fear can hold you back most of the times.

Stay alive and tuned to your surroundings. Have a curious mind. Keep moving forward to your goals. Persist on. Failures, criticism and setbacks are temporary. They are life’s tests of your strength of will. But your persistence is permanent, if you choose so.

From your man,

Lucius Duke


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