The World In Your Hands: Make Friends, Network

As an entrepreneur, I enjoy having the privilege of maintaining a network of friends and acquaintances who are all highly skilled and knowledgeable in their respective fields. Some of these include music production, legal matters, bodybuilding, web design, drawing, among other things. I can simply pick up my phone and give them a call for their advice or to make a deal. (When I thought of a cool idea but required knowledge of blacksmithing, I was disappointed that I didn’t know anyone in that area.) Besides, people love being asked questions about themselves and their expertise. So, ask away. Don’t be shy. They want to help you. As long as you return the favor, of course.

If you feel that you’re lonely, then realize that all of us feel that way at some point. Many choose to let that affect them, so they make the choice of entering a depressive stage instead of fixing their problem.

Be active, proactive, and reactive. 

Be active in your search for knowledge. The source of knowledge can come from multiple sources, if you know where to look for them. Night classes at a local college, online training, or, if you’re like me, acquiring a network of people who can share their knowledge. But just as college courses require money, these people require something in return.

Your value. What kind of value do you hold for them? Can you offer something that they don’t have? Perhaps it’s your large social network. Or it’s some expertise you have. Or you may have access to some services which they won’t be able to attain easily. Whatever it is, find something of value that you have. Be your own business.

Choose your friends carefully. People who do virtually nothing to advance their lives, careers, or relationships to instead lounge around and watch TV and play games and party are those who will end up bringing you down. There’s a term for that.


Be next to toxic, you acquire toxic traits. Don’t waste time and energy in trying to change them. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Doesn’t matter if you think you can change them; you can’t. You simply can’t. So, take a move on. I would rather be friendless than hang out with losers.

The best friends are those who challenge the status quo, who are fearless in pursuit of their desires and dreams. These friends will challenge you think wider and ponder about deeper and more significant issues rather than gossip. If any of your friends tends to gossip endlessly, drop them. They are not worth your time, and you will constantly worry if they’re talking behind your back about you.

Ask people about their lives. Ask them what they do for a living. Get them to talk. Be curious.

I once dated a lady who admitted to me that she loved answer questions, any questions. When I asked her why that is so, she pondered that question, but didn’t know why. I teased her that she’d probably be the first to volunteer to be interrogated by the enemy forces for her unit and spill everything out in a heartbeat.

Be proactive. People are waiting for something to happen, and someone’s ought to take the wheel and be the one to make shit happen. You be the one. As the top predator of this planet with superior intelligence, humans have the profound superpower of devising and inventing. But the true and the most successful entrepreneurs are those who get off their asses and being implementing these ideas, whereas the average Joe simply becomes discouraged upon the realization of the difficulty and the great length of the task. People around you have the skills and the knowledge for your goals. Make use of them. Invite them and sell them your ideas. Work with them. Never make them work for you.

Lastly, be reactive. The world is a constantly changing place. Nothing ever stays the same. It’s your job to react and adapt to these changes. The United States Marine Corps is one of deadliest and most formidable military divisions in the world. They are trained day by day, second by second, to adapt to any situation. Failure to do so can result frequently in injuries or even death.

What does this have to do with making friends and networking?

Good question. You have to learn to react to any situation. When someone is being disrespectful towards you, you need to react calmly and coolly. When someone calls you up for your opinion while you’re in the middle of doing something very important, you need to adapt instead of acting frustrated and passive-aggressively. The caller, whom you tried hard to befriend and network with, will notice this and be turned off by your attitude and your inability to react appropriately. Who’d want to work with someone who can’t control themselves?

When you have a large social network in your hands, you have the world in your hands, waiting for your wishes and orders. With creativity, charisma, and curiosity, you are practically invincible.

Remember. Be active in your goals to success. Be proactive with people and plans. And be reactive to any unforeseen consequences and situations.

Use your creativity to bring life to ideas, relationships, and plans. Charisma will win you many friends and valuable networks. Curiosity will be your main fuel in establishing solid relationships with your network.

Build a strong network.

But first, be a strong individual people can look up to.

You do that by entering the race to the apex of your being.

Until next time,

L. Duke

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