Fast Lane To Apex

I maintain a certain lifestyle to get my soul reach the apex of its substance. That probably translates to “alpha male” for you dweebs who obsess over things like that.

Without further ado, here’s what I follow.

DIET. Diet is huge. Because you are what you eat. I eat real whole food. I don’t allow myself to consume fake processed food like McDonald’s.

Grass-fed meat, fresh. Rare – raw in the inside, cooked on the outside – gotta get the juice flowing. Heat the pan on highest settings for 30 seconds. Put a chunk of butter on it. Spread it. When it’s sizzling, put the 1/2 pound fresh steak on there. Cook 15~20 seconds each side with salt. Take it out. Put some black pepper + your favorite seasoning.

Add at least 4 eggs. Maybe a couple slices of bacon. I’m a fan of Korean food, so I like to down that shit with some fresh Kimchi (napa cabbage – look that up. It’s good for building all that juicy testosterone + fiber). That’s a warrior’s meal right there.

I also eat maximum 3 times a day. But 2 times is enough. I skip breakfast. Why? Because I can, and it gives you a boosted energy in the morning. Breakfast makes me feel sluggish.

I’m weary of coffee. It’s a drug meant to ‘assist’ you; that’s like admitting you’re handicapped and need this ‘drug’ to keep you ‘normal’. But sometimes when I’m really tired and I have a lot to work on, I take a short drive to Starbucks for that venti latte and my daily flirt with the chicas.

Did I mention diet is huge? Yeah, but not infinitely huge. Sometimes it’s necessary to stay sane, kids. So I take the weekends and eat whatever the hell my stomach desires. Carls Jr, Flamebroiler, ramen. But one exception: NO SUGARY DRINKS. NEVER. Sugar is meant to castrate you through food.

To sum it up: steak, eggs, Kimchi, bacon, sometimes coffee.

Honorable mentions: oysters, fish, lettuce-wrapped burgers from Carl’s Jr.

GYM. Gym at least 5 days a week. 6 days is ideal. I start each session with 1 or 2 heavy compound lifts at maximum of 5 reps per set. Sometimes I do singles. Sometimes 5×5. I do variations. Sticking to one routine is bound to make people accuse you of being autistic. Always do variations, but make sure you do at least a total of 25 heavy reps, no matter how many sets you do, and if you’re able to do more than 5 reps per set, up the weight.

After 30 minutes of that, I spend the remainder on supplement exercises like bicep curls, skull crushers, lateral raise, dumbbell rows, etc.

Also, I stay away from machines and cables; free weight is all you need – it works out the stabilizers. Did man start working out with cables and machines? No. They used dead tree trunks to work their bodies out!

BOOKS. I read a lot of books nowadays. I used to play video games a lot. I used to watch TV a lot (Youtube). It was so fun just wasting away your days on those things. Now I see the world around me and realize I have 2 choices: to stay satisfied with what I have, or to keep chasing for more. Books help you in ways you couldn’t have imagined. It’s about commitment. It’s easy to get bored from reading when there are distractions everywhere you look.

Read books. find an author you like based on his writing style and philosophy, and stick to it. Dissect his mind, take what you can, adopt that to your lifestyle, and once you get everything from the author, find a new author, and keep going. This is going to shape your personal views, increase your self-confidence, improve your knowledge of the world, thus making you a well-rounded happy man.

Some books I recommend are How to Think Like A Billionaire, Think Big, Boot, Easternization, Think and Grow Rich, Way of the Superior Man, Fight Club, How to win friends and Influence People, Definitive Book of Body Language, Generation Me.

DISTRACTIONS. Cut video gaming. Cut Youtube. Cut social media. Cut TV. Cut unnecessary spending / shopping. Cut out songs with lyrics. Cut out people who do these things. Cut gambling. Cut prostitution. Cut internet pornography. Cut masturbation. Quit staring at people like a creep. Cut people who tend to steal your attention and time. Don’t road rage. Keep your eyes on the weights and not on the TV. Cut out mainstream media (but watch it a few minutes a day – it’s crucial to know the basic trends at least).

These actions are all there to keep your mind pure and uninfluenced by external sources. Don’t let society form your identity; you form your own. Just don’t violate the rights of others (physical assault + more).

Seeking approval. MEN! This is the #1 killer of your well being. Seeking approval and brushing aside your needs and wants by playing the soft-spoken nice guy are sure to turn you into the path of being submissive and complacent. I.E., a pussy, a sissy who will begin to lose their ability to think big and for themselves. When this ability is taken away from you, you may as well get on your knees and open your mouth.

Regarding Women. Don’t look at women, or you risk catching a glimpse of a real cutie. If you do, you have to talk to her. Because if you don’t, then you’ve suppressed your masculine instincts to mate, and now you’re going to regret it. If you man up and talk to her, what’s the worst thing that can happen? She’ll say no. At least you tried. And at least she’ll respect the hell out of it for your courage, and you’ll be able to fall asleep well knowing you’ve faced your fears today.


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