New Year 2018: Make It Yours, OWN IT!

In times of downturn, you can either choose to fall and give up, or you choose to pick yourself up and continue.

It’s really simple.

Say you have an idea for a video (because Youtube is a popular outlet for creativity), and you spend a week shooting and editing and uploading it.

And what do you know, people hate it. They think it sucks, that you should quit and beat yourself up.

You can either choose to let it ruin your filming career forever, or you can leverage it. Leverage is the best thing for you. As Donald Trump said in his book Think Like a Billionaire, “Use leverage to your advantage.” It keeps you going and motivated. Keep these negative comments in your head, but never take them to heart, because they’re just opinions of others. If you think your video is good, then it’s good. What others say is not your concern to the point where it slows you from pursuing your passion in filmmaking.

But you should still listen to what they have to say. Some will point out specific parts of the video they didn’t like. Some will point out some faults in your work. Consider these comments. Will they help you in your next video? Do they make sense?

Make your next video. Then see the new reactions. Expect another barrage of stupid comments. But take out the word “stupid”, and you’re left with comments. The key is to get comments. The more comments you acquire, the more views you get, the more popular you get. With more popularity, you’re bound to attract fans and weed out the haters.

The key is persistence. You have to erect yourself into the world and be firm and unbreakable, like the Great Wall of China. You should break the habit of being soft and fragile if you ever want to succeed and reach the apex of your life.

Didn’t get that promotion when you expected it? Boohoo! Maybe you’ve done something wrong somewhere. So what are you gonna do? Well, it’s up to you – you can go home and cry to your friends, or swallow the temporary defeat and commit to putting in the work and going beyond, but the main point is to keep going, and they’ll notice you. Don’t blame it on them. Blame yourself. Maybe your co-worker actually put in more work somehow. Be creative. Be hungry to win.

If you find it hard to speak to girls or just people in general (social anxiety), you can give up and retreat back into video gaming or whatever it is that transfers you out of reality. Or you can tell yourself, it’s just temporary. I’ll get better. Keep trying. Reflect on what you did. Even if it hurts. Deal with the pain of the embarrassment you felt as you went through the progress, as this painful feeling is the fuel to your growth and your race to apex.

If you failed to complete your bench press, try again next time. No time to cry about it. There’s only time to improve. Nothing can be improved if you cry about it.

It helps to kill distractions along the way to your apex. Things such as Netflix, Youtube, social media do everything they can to steal your attention, when your attention should be focused more on realizing your goals. Ask yourself, will this help me get me closer to my goals? If not, discard it and focus on doing things that get you closer to your goals.

As General George S. Patton said, “Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.”

Everything you’ve done wrong in 2017, you’ll strive to correct it in 2018.

Here’s to a badass motherfuckin’ new year.

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