Alpha Tip: Kill Thoughts That Want To Kill You

In the movie “The Outlaws”, there is a scene. This scene excellently shows this:

-the relationship between an alpha and a beta.

The beta behavior is characterized by worry, as shown by the actor in navy blue suit starting at around 00:55. He then lets his emotions control him; he displays anger here. Anger is a negative emotion. Negativity is unattractive. Being unattractive makes you feel depressed. Being depressed makes you hate yourself and the world, because you feel too lazy, too tired, yet you see everyone else faring better than you. The only solution is to kill negativity at the first sign of such. The alpha behavior of the other male character is manifested by telling the beta character to stay out of it after the character immediately recognizes the beta behavior. The alpha instinctively knows that having any negative emotions around him just as much affects him as it does the beta. The alpha is on a mission and maintains a very high degree of self-respect – he has no room for negative emotions, but only facts and goals.

Just kill  any sign of negativity. If someone in your life complains a lot, cut them out. Their negativity’s gonna bring and keep you down on their level. If someone in your life is apathetic towards you, then leave them alone and stop trying to change them. Change yourself first. If someone in your life is a nice and outgoing person but is a lazy slob, cut them out until they fix themselves. Stop trying to help them. Help yourself first. These should be obvious to anyone who reads this blog.

Key points:

  1. Keep a cool attitude. Anger is going to kill you inside and out.
  2. Stay focused on your goal – remember to keep your cool.
  3. Cut out negative thoughts and emotions.

Do it and win it.

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