The Alpha Commandments, Part 1: Get Rich Fast, Beat Laziness, and Be Invincible

Nobody is perfect. I used to be addicted to video games. I have an addictive personality. When an idea catches my attention, I engorge it, exploring its implications and applications. I often burn with interest for a subject, only to drop it cold and move on to the next interest. This habit allows me to constantly take in information and use it somehow at a later stage in life. But what use is knowledge when you don’t know how to use it? People complain about how they’re unfortunate, but they haven’t tried hard enough to get out of that.

Here are some tips to get you going.

  1. Be decisive. Make decisions fast. And move on. Time never stops for you. You either move with it, or you fall behind. Being too hesitant puts you in a comfortable position, making it harder for you to get out of it. The more you stay in that comfortable position, the more you separate yourself from the fast lane on the freeway, the longer it takes for you to move on with life and live it to the fullest.
  2. If the decisions you are making aren’t working or, worse, damaging you in any way, you need to take a close look at your life and adjust some things. Are you spending most of your time on web browsing or smoking pot when you could be working towards your goals? Have a clearly-defined goal and work like a fucking beast towards it. Don’t let your potential be wasted so easily.
  3. Avoid marijuana. While it doesn’t directly affect your motivation, it indeed helps to kill your motivation and drive. It does this by hacking its way into your brain and releasing a shit ton of dopamine, the chemical in your brain that makes you feel good. When you feel good, you tend to be satisfied. When you are satisfied, your mind thinks it’s not necessary to work tirelessly on the grand fulfillment of your goals. So, avoid marijuana. Avoid it. Kill your desire to smoke weed. Save your lungs. Preserve your sobriety, and leverage that desire for that instant dopamine hit into hard work for the attainment of your goals. This is the ultimate challenge for this generation of weed legalization.
  4. Avoid TV. This also goes for Netflix, YouTube, and other video streaming websites. The reason to avoid TV is because TV is fake. TV producers purposely designed their shows to steal your attention and mental acuity – limited resource that you need to stay on the path to a killer version of yourself. They do not give a damn about you. They only care about making money. And they will do anything. They consult science on how to grab your attention and distract you from working towards your goals. This is especially exemplary in corporate gyms. They put TVs on the walls. Many people stare at it like zombies when they should be focusing on their goals. It’s like they forgot why they were at the gym in the first place. It’s that powerful and smart. Turn the TV off and work towards your goals. Do it. Don’t bitch about it. Just grab the remote and hit the power button. Unplug your TV. Cancel your cable. See what you’re made of after that. Can you even handle a week without TV?
  5. Get rid of your smartphone. Opt for a simple flip phone where you can never be distracted by apps, apps, and more apps. This is a very difficult challenge to partake in, especially if you already have a strong social media presence. If you are making money from your social media presence, keep it, and build on it. If you are using social media ‘just to keep in touch‘ with friends, then you’re wasting your time, my friend. Social media causes depression in most people. Why? Others claim it’s because it’s easy to compare yourself to others. That’s just bullshit. The reason why people get depressed from it is because social media distracts you from the attainment of your goals, from the pursuit of the fulfillment of your utmost desires, from the ultimate race to the apex of your capability, talent, and happiness. You know subconsciously in the back of your mind you should be doing homework, working on your project, or building your career. Yet here you are, spending time like you’re spending money on things you don’t need. So why aren’t you doing it? What’s more important, a few fake filtered digitized pictures on Instagram or reaching the apex of your life? Get rid of social media.

The main takeaway?

Don’t get too satisfied until you get what you want, no matter if you succeed or fail. You and a wealthy and powerful CEO are essentially the same, both born as a helpless baby, and will die as a helpless oldie. Yet it was a simple set of decisions that separated both in monetary value. A CEO is a CEO because he chose to take that route. You are where you are because you chose to take that route. To become a wealthy CEO, all you got to do is just take a different route and stick with it. Deal with the pain of sacrificing some parts of your life if it needs to be done to get you closer to power, riches, and fame. The hardest parts will become easy once you follow the 5 steps above.

From your man,

Lucius D.

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