The One Trick To Getting a Higher IQ

There is only one trick in this world that will certainly increase your IQ. You have heard it here first.

But what is IQ? Doesn’t mean shit when everyone knows it’s a measure of one’s intelligence, or, at least, how one presents himself as a person of intelligence. Generally speaking, one uses the IQ of another to judge him or her. It’s like judging someone based on their health or personality. Fat people are literally shunned and abhorred. And people who display a submissive personality tend to be a magnet for goons, gangsters, and con men. This is reality. But what about IQ?

Well, many great scientists and even actors reportedly have a high IQ. Arnold Schwarznegger has an IQ of 135. Stephen Hawking, 150. Michio Kaku, 154. Pretty sure you can achieve those IQs through simple adjustments in life. It is a simple matter of whether you have the desire and the will to do it. And people do judge you quite extensively based on your IQ. They don’t need to know your IQ, but they will subconsciously know it through the way you present yourself.

So, what steps must I take to increase my IQ?

The real truth is that there is no possible way to increase your “IQ.” Everybody has a certain measure of intelligence. Some people are highly intelligent with their bodies, such as dancers. Some were born with the gift of intelligence in business, or the arts, or sports. To actively ‘increase your IQ‘ means to abandon your natural given intelligence in favor of adopting the ‘artificial intelligence‘ needed just to increase the score of your IQ.

Many bogus blogs tell you to do this or do that, but they have no real evidence to back it up. For example, they say sleeping more and exercising increase your IQ. Pretty sure Stephen Hawking exercised wiggling his toes all day to increase his IQ, no? Like I said, difference types of intelligence for different types of people.

They also say more sleep helps without presenting evidence that it directly increases your IQ. Instead, they change the subject and randomly present scientific journals that claim 7 hours of sleep literally gets you energy (breaking news), helps improve memory (nothing directly related to IQ). The truth is, there is no real way to increase your intelligence the way the creators of IQ want you to. You may invest heavily into study guides that know the in’s and out’s of the IQ test, but it won’t directly increase your real intelligence.

The one REAL way to ‘increase your IQ’ is to:

Shut up, and specialize in a field.

Yes, shut up. Before you get angry, your intelligence is judged by the amount of words that come out of your mouth. If you’re going to talk about something, make sure you know what you’re talking about. I was recently at a party where I was subjected to listening to a woman who let us know exactly how much she didn’t know about weightlifting by trying to tell everyone how much she did know about it. Unfortunately for her, some small number of us there have weightlifted for years, myself included. We acted polite and let it slide, but we all knew this know-it-all was trying to impress the wrong people. It would be easy for someone to judge her intelligence based on that.

By talking more, you’re risking telling everyone what you know. You’re revealing the exact amount of intelligence you have. You’re painting a half-finished painting and displaying that at an art exhibit. Only talk about things you are specialized in. A simple farmer may be seen as having a low intelligence by ‘IQ’ standards, but this farmer probably has more farming intelligence than Stephen Hawking.

Most people are led to believe that IQ just means smart. It’s all about your image. Present yourself as an intelligent individual following the previous steps. Use this at networking events or at job interviews.

So, do what you like. Pick an area or two you know you can do well, and dedicate your whole life to it. Engage yourself! The IQ is a lie.

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