The 3 Best Sex Positions

The 3 best sex positions. What a post.

Missionary. Doggy style. The 69.

The Missionary

Missionary is great because the girl is resting on her back, so while you do the grunt work, she gets to sit back and enjoy the whole show. When you make love to your woman in this position, you are allowing the deepest possible penetration due to the way her body is aligned. It also allows your body to make contact with her clitoris, which increases the intensity of the sexual stimulation for her, i.e.,  makes her “go crazy.”

This position also opens the opportunity for you to lean into her and put your arms around her body, optionally kissing her violently as you make passionate love to your girlfriend or wife. This is also useful since just in case she passes out, you can perform cpr on her.

The missionary is a great starters position.
Easy, simple, yet very effective.

Doggy style

This one is for the ass men.

You see women in those tight spandex shorts. They walk past you, perhaps with a smile and some eye contact. You turn and check their ass out. It’s a godsend. Then you notice about 10 other dudes doing the same thing. And that 1 odd dude who pretends not to look in fear of being judged for being a creep. Well, you’re being judged as a homosexual. Even homosexuals love checkin’ asses out. Humans have a strange fascination with the ass. They say a good-lookin’ ass signifies health and wealth. When you make love to your woman the next time, check her ass out. When she’s on her knees, wrap your hands around her waist. Depending on how large her ass is, you might have a hard time figuring out if you’re in the right hole. Ask the owner for her input.

Women seem to prefer the doggy style over the missionary simply due to the fact that they are proud of their beautiful asses and that they get off from knowing that their men get off from making love her with her ass in plain view. Which is true.

Some other variations of the doggy style include, instead of wrapping your hands over her waist and thighs, grabbing and pulling her hair or wrists. This is an indicator of power. Power display in public is bad, but in bedroom with your lover is not just an encouragement; it’s a requirement. To keep your woman to you, you mustn’t hold back any animalistic sexual urge. Everyone has a dark sexual desire. Many men fantasize about force play, such as rape. So do many women. But society has succeeded in shaping 99% of its inhabitants. Be the 99% in public. But he the 1% in private… if both parties are comfortable with each other.

The 69.

The 69 is a great position to take if you are close to climax yet want to continue the love making session. After perhaps 5 – 10 minutes of doggy or missionary, you may want to switch over to something ‘lighter.’ After some heavy pounding, switch places. You will end up giving her the opportunity to show off her fellatio skills while your face is presented with her ass, giving you the playful opportunity to play with it.

As you continue this position, you might notice a pleasurable sensation of thick viscous liquid dripping down from the top of your phallus to the base of it. This is due to the position from which her mouth does the work. When you both play in this position for a good amount of time, things will get pretty wet fast. If both of you enjoy the dirty part of sex, this is the perfect position.

Gentlemen, now is not the time to be gentle. It’s time to be wild. You too, ladies.


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