5 Reasons To Ditch The Car And Go Biking

I sold my car, canceled my auto insurance, and now, I have so much more free money to spend on whatever I want. I have gotten compliments about how healthy my skin looks, how much more energy I have, and it’s been great. I have full night’s sleep and have noticed a decrease in stress.

Biking increases your heart rate. Biking stimulates your muscles. Biking forces you to exert force and expend energy. Biking increases your heart rate, stimulates your quads, and blows fresh air through your hair, giving your hair a refreshing look and feel. At the end of the day, your body will thank you. It will thank you because it needed that exercise. It relieves stress, and it makes you look, feel, and smile good. Can owning a car make you move as much as biking does? Read on to discover the 5 essential reasons to ditch the car and go biking.

1. No more paying for gas and insurance. How much does the average person spend per month on gas? Over $350 per month. How about auto insurance? Probably around $100. That’s $450 a month you’re wasting, and you’re also contributing to global warming by emitting gas into the atmosphere – the sphere of life in which we all live and breathe. Own an electric car? You’re better off, but you’re still paying around $35 a month. Think about what you could buy with all that money. You could use all the money leftover to buy or save. That’s extra $350 for you to freely spend on. It’s like getting a free raise while getting your body some healthy exercise. Say good-bye to bills.

Image result for gas price
“Dear God, what have I done wrong to deserve this?”

2. No more road rage. How many times can you count where you’ve been cut off by a bad driver? You get pissed off, annoyed, and, sometimes, it ruins your whole day. You’re stuck in traffic that does not move. You’re bored out of your mind, wishing you were somewhere else, like biking and getting some exercise done.

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“You took the last Big Mac burger! Time to pay.”

3. No more having to be a slave to the rules of the road. The law is your master; disobey the law, you disobey the master. Disobey the master, you receive punishment. That punishment will cost you hundreds of dollars and a good chunk of your life that you’ll never get back. Biking does not need to obey the law. When you bike, you don’t have to worry about turning on your right signals like a good little slave you are. You don’t have to stop at the STOP sign. You can simply just go as long as there’s no car. Nobody gives a damn about a cyclist just minding his business. You have more freedom of movement as cyclist. Driving a car – it’s like being stuck in your room, where you are essentially motionless, akin to sitting on your sofa not moving your body. That’s how you gain weight. But when you ditch the 4-wheel for a 2-wheel…

Related image
Rules don’t apply to me.

4. Cycling improves your quality of life. According to Harvard University, cycling directly affects your whole body – your muscles, bone, and organs (brain and heart). It strengthens your legs, your abs, and your arms. It provides an opportunity for your bones to increase strength and life span, as it is a resistance exercise. It releases stress by releasing endorphins than make you essentially feel like nothing is wrong with the world. What better way to wind down after a long day?

Related image
“My life is great.”

5. Become more disciplined. Ditching a car means ditching the opportunity to drive to faraway places. You won’t get to see your friends as much anymore. You’ll have to say farewell to the perks of owning a car. So what? Owning a car isn’t the end of your life. It may make your life a little easier and save you some time, but all that time spent sitting still in your car when you could be using that time to get some fresh air and solid exercise in are not worth it. When you don’t have a car, your lifestyle changes. You start to care more for your body. That’s what matters – your health. When you own a car, all you have to do is sit and turn on some music or whatever, at the cost of gaining unhealthy weight and being less attractive. But when you bike for a while, you notice changes in your life. You start to feel more healthy, in better mood, an increase in confidence, a decrease in stress, and more open to meeting others and gaining new friends and connections from your adventures as a cyclist.


I sold my car for a bike and have never regretted it. I recommend you do the same.

Remember, it is not just about saving money on gas and insurance. It is about discipline, pain, and the test of your will.

What are you made of?

Happy cycling to apex.

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