Top 3 Dust Producers, And How To Eliminate Them FOREVER

Dust can hinder a world-class artist from creating world-class art. Dust can make you go crazy in annoyance. And, worst of all, dust can kill you if you have an allergic reaction to dust.

Here are the top 3 worst offenders when it comes to producing dust.

1. Humans and animals. Your skin produces dead skin cells, which turn to dust. So every time you scratch that itch on your forehead or your butt cheeks, you are pretty much scraping off dead skin cells off your skin. Microscopic bugs feed on that stuff, and they themselves attract other predators – such as yourself, if you’re so inclined on using a vacuum to suck these suckers up, or other invasive critters, like the alien-looking silverfish. And don’t get me started with animals–you know how bad it can get with a dog or a cat around.

Silverfish feeds on dust mites and where dust are collected.

2. Furniture and clothes. Your bed will be a significant culprit in the production of dust. Same goes for your clothes. Fabric, cotton, even nylon. The clothes you wear will attract and hold on to dust that you collect from outside. And you’re bringing all of that dust with you into your bedroom, adding to the collection of dust you have gathered for the past year!

3. Outside. Wind will bring in dust from the outside world into your bedroom as long as you have any windows or doors open. Yeah, it could be nice to get some fresh air here and there and clear all of the stinky fart smell out of your room, but you’re inviting some nasty allergens that will make your life worse.

Ok, I get it. There’s a lot of dust in my room. What’s the best way to clean them up? Tell me!

You can just get some paper towels with water and soak up the dust around your room, which will clean up the dust as well as any other dirt laying around. Careful around electronics for you non-tech savvy folks. Just because your new smartphone is waterproof doesn’t mean every other electronic around your room is as well.

What I like to do is grab a sheet of paper towel and just wet it and soak up the dust.


Then apply it onto surface of dust.













A smarter alternative is to spend an extra couple bucks on swiffers. You don’t need the complementary mop to use it. What I do is this:

  1. Take one sheet of Swiffer.
  2. Swipe over dusty areas and watch the magic happen.

That’s it. And once you’re done, vacuum the floor to suck up any leftover dust.

Here’s how you prevent it FOREVER.

This is a very important step, so read carefully.

There are lots of ways to keep dust out of your room. You can shut your windows and doors so single out that one factor, but you’re going to be suffocating. That’s not comfortable, and that’s not cool.

If you have pets, you can leave your pets out or sell them. But you love your pets as much as they love you. That’s likely a no-no. And you’re definitely not thinking of removing yourself from your room, are you?

And you need your bed, and you need your clothes. Getting rid of either of them is not going to help.

What options do you have left?

Well, we need the fresh air once in a while. We’ll be using our bedroom for most of our passing time. Keep your clothes and furniture.

A permanent solution? Get an air purifier.

Just turn this beauty on and let it do the work. It is like getting a pair of anteaters to get rid of the ants in your room while you’re busy working on your next ventures. No more spending and wasting time cleaning up dust – just let this thing do all the work for you.

It’s as simple as ABC.

Plug and play.

Welcome to the future, baby.

From your man,



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