The ALPHA Health Series – Preview

Hello, entrepreneurs, and those who are interested in joining the race to the apex of their being and soul.

Today, you will be educated on the most basic principles of what it takes to be the alpha, the best, the apex version of yourself.

Everything starts with one basic object – health.

An unhealthy vs a healthy person – who would win in any fight, or in any venture? An unhealthy individual is one who chooses to feed their body and brain literal shit – T.V., social media, and McDonald’s. A healthy individual, on the other hand, is one who chooses to feed their body and brain the best things that life’s gotta offer – traveling, meeting potential business partners, and caviar!

Yes, you may one day find yourself casually ordering caviar at a 5-star hotel restaurant at Bangkok while chatting with Sir Richard Branson about your 6th business. This is achievable, but it takes time, effort, and acceptance. Be healthy, first. Fix yourself up before you can fix your business, your career, or your relationships. I like to tell my friend to fix herself up before she attempts to fix her younger brother – why would anyone need to listen to someone who doesn’t make attempts to fix themselves first?

Lead by example, follow the leader.

Entrepreneurs have one goal, and that is to simply find ways to generate wealth for both the entrepreneur and those who work under them. That is done by looking at the world from God’s point of view and taking immediate action to fill in the blank – what is the world missing? How can this place be improved? What can I do?

Before you answer those questions, you must ask yourself those questions – what am I missing in my life? How can my life be improved? What must I do?

Write those questions down on a separate piece of paper BY HAND. Do not type it. Do not think it over in your mind. You must grab a pen and paper and start writing. Stash the written statements in your pocket and read it everywhere you go. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get more life-changing tips that will fuel your success in life.

You are an entrepreneur. You will be rich one day. The blues you are feeling are only temporary and a test of your will from life. The happiness you are feeling are to be treasured and not wasted.

Remember, subscribe to this blog. You will see many more posts to come. The ALPHA Health Series will be posted – after reading it, your life will change – it all starts with your health in different realms. But first, you need to subscribe and answer those questions.

The ALPHA Health Series will consist of 5 topics:

1. PHYSICAL Health
2. MENTAL Health
5. SEXUAL Health

Without caring for these types of health, you’ll fail and find less success than those who maintain their 5 areas of health.

Join the race to the apex of your life. How much can you really achieve?

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