Digital Era: Amongst The World’s Most Intelligent and Wealthiest

Your surroundings define and shape you. Whether you were raised in the suburbs of Louisville, or in the jungles in Brazil, or amongst the world’s most intelligent in Beijing, or wealthiest in Manhattan – the person you are today is thanks, in large part, to the surroundings and the environments you lived in.

I lived in a variety of places – Toronto, Venice Beach, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, New York City, Seoul, San Diego, Denver, Tucson, Tijuana. I love to travel and do exciting things around the world. When you travel, you notice that everything you read online about a specific location isn’t entirely true. For example, people online would say that Koreans eat dogs. When I traveled to Korea, I thought I would see dogs being slaughtered in the streets. That simply wasn’t the case; in fact, Koreans are highly sophisticated in culture, and dogs there are infinitely more popular as pets (just like in the U.S.) than food. In fact, the majority of the Koreans oppose eating dogs – it is more popular in the rural areas where food are scarce.

The media often exaggerates their news to grab your attention. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to use dogs to grab your attention. Be careful what you believe. Read from credible sources.

This is the digital era – the era where your President uses his smartphone to connect with the population through tweets. This is the digital era – the era where not more than just 30 years ago, where the world was disconnected without the commercial use of the Internet, but now it is possible for, say, a guy in Macau to do business with a guy in Vegas in less than a minute. This is the digital era – the future our ancestors have all been looking forward to and have been fantasizing about for generations – high technology, fast cars, bullet trains, space travel to Mars. If you’re reading this, you are in the future.

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Let yourself have a taste of luxury, of class, of modernity. A mere smartphone isn’t enough – you have to be there in person to truly experience what it’s like to live next to titans of today. Only there will you learn that you can achieve what it takes to live in a high-rise overlooking the metropolis while sipping your cocktail of choice next to your loved ones.

If you’re on a budget and you simply think you could be living in better places, then look no further than your electronics. As previously mentioned, we live in a digital age. That means it is possible to live entirely through your online alias. I know many young women in America who developed a keen interest in Korean pop culture (which are similar to American culture), and some expressed desire to move to Korea. But, sadly, most of them do not have the means for whatever reason to do so. What options do they have?

What you eat is what you are. The more negative information you feed your brain, your mind and body will react to it. But the more positive information (things that make you feel happy) you feed your brain, you will begin to see positive results in your life.

So if that woman who is interested in Korean culture wishes to move to Korea to experience it but does not have the means to do so, she may simply watch YouTube videos about Korea made by Koreans, or watch Korean dramas/listen to Korean music, or more. That way, her familiarity with the Korean culture will rise up, an experience she gained digitally – you couldn’t have done that 30 years ago.

Now, we can, at the touch of our finger, explore a whole new world with just a computer and internet connection.

Of course, with new technology, new types of warfare are possible. Renowned theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku says about it here.:

There’s a whole new world out there, folks. Get with the times, and you will be rewarded.

If you are not happy with your life, then change something in your life. Go on a vacation. Or a digital vacation. Expose yourself to new things, new ideas, new culture. Become more sophisticated. The world doesn’t need isolation – it needs integration. And this is all possible thanks to technology.

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