Learning From Overwatch

Tracer’s Recall ability.

If you’re a regular Overwatch player, then you know what that is. What is basically does, is that when the player controlling the in-game character Tracer presses “E”, then the character goes back a few seconds in time where the character was previously at.

There is an interview on YouTube. A professional player is asked the question, “If you could have any superpower from Overwatch in real life, what would it be?”

The player responded with, “Tracer’s Recall ability.”

“Why?” The interviewer probed.

The player smiled and said, “Because whenever I make a mistake, embarrassing or not, I could always go back in time to learn from it and try better.”

That answer made me smile for one reason: it is one of the best traits that every entrepreneur has in order to make their ventures successful. Many people–most people, in fact–are too afraid to make mistakes and, consequently, embarrass themselves in such mistake. Thus, they are less inclined to take a chance or take a risk out of  fear of being embarrassed or failing. But give them the superpower “Recall”, then guess what — the world would see an endless supply of entrepreneurs muckin’ about the world.

Take a chance. What do you want to do? You want to ask Daniella out to dinner, right? And you’ve been holding back for weeks, right? well, just do it. Pick up the phone, call that number, and just say whatever’s on your mind, and whatever happens, you know you can finally go to sleep knowing full damn well that you at least tried — no matter the result.

The result doesn’t matter; what truly matters is your ability to face your fears, to head into the unknown, to have some courage in your mind, to take action, to take risks, to progress and grow.

So, whether you’re a female or a male, if there is something that you must do, then don’t think about it, and just do it. And learn from the process. Worst-case scenario? You fuck up miserably. But the point is, you still did it. Life’s too short to not do anything; as Donald Trump from the 70s once said, Life’s a pretty short experience.

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