3 Best Exercises for Shoulders

Dumbbell back raise.

Lateral side raise.

Military press.

These 3 exercises are sure to develop strength and mass for your shoulders AND your whole upper body.

Dumbbell back raisePosterior Deltoid

This is done by finding a seat, bending over so that your chest barely touches your knees, bringing the weights under your thighs behind your calves, and pulling the weights out to the side until your arms are parallel to the floor. This develops the posterior deltoid. Most people ignore this region of their shoulders, hence the complaints of why their shoulders aren’t growing. Famous bodybuilder Hwang Chul-Soon (main pic) from Korea has the best shoulders in the world. In his book, he emphasized the importance of shoulders for a man’s physique, dedicating a section of the book to just shoulders. He is the first to widely promote the development of the posterior deltoid, encouraging his readers to work that region out twice a week.


Lateral side raise

Lateral DeltoidThis is done by raising the dumbbells from your side to a formation that resembles a cross. This is what widens your overall upper body. If you have a weak shoulder width to waist ratio, then this is the exercise for you if your goal is to achieve that V-shape look. This is one of my favorite exercises as it not only work out the lateral deltoid, but also the traps and arms.






Military press

Anterior Deltoid

This is easy, but also easily inspires injuries. Get a barbell. Using a little-bit-wider-than-shoulder-width-grip, lift the barbell and rest it on your upper body with your arms as support. Then, lift that mofo up, straightening your arms, then lower it back down on your chest. Make sure it’s heavy, i.e. you can’t rep for more than 5. This achieves core strength and superior development of your anterior deltoid. It also works out your entire upper body strength, while burning tremendous amounts of fat (just be sure to take a short break. 1 minute is ideal.)



Get busy.

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