The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need in Building Confidence and Being Attractive

The only advice anyone will ever need in order to raise your confidence and attract people to you is this:

Mastery of a skill.

The skill can be anything, limited only by the imagination your unique brain can conjure up. Tae Kwon Do, weightlifting, driving, cooking, rolling beautiful well-crafted joints (if you’re in the cannabis industry) are all examples of a skill you can nurture and master.

You will search up on Google, “How to get confidence” for a variety of reasons. Everybody else these days suggest weightlifting or dressing up sharply. There’s a hidden principle behind all of these, and that is starting and completing goals. You see, weightlifting is a conscious make we make. Weightlifting is not needed to survive in terms of basic necessities like food and water. Weightlifting is simply a means to make yourself feel better after completing a session. You set a goal to complete a session, and you feel great coming out of the gym because you completed that goal. Then, you repeat gym for 6 months, and you are seeing little bit of progress. Woman Hiking

I remember when I woke up one morning and undressed in front of the mirror, I was happily surprised to see my legs have gotten large after endless sessions of squats. My mood went up, I felt a shot of dose of confidence–all because of I suddenly remembered working through blood, sweat, and tears, making those squats work, increasing the weights, not seeing progress until that one morning when the realization hit me. The culmination of progress is now real.

Whether it’s weightlifting or boat-building, or whether it’s in pro-gaming or pro-skating, anything you put your mind to and stay committed to it will bring you a level of confidence you never thought you had.

Close Up Photo of a Person Wearing Suit JacketSo get busy. Just pick one skill you’ve always wanted to learn, then start learning it right now. No excuses, just you and your desire to master a skill, no matter how tough it is. People have done it, so can you. Do not become an addict to drugs, an addict to social media, but an addict to success. That way, you can achieve your damn apex damn fast.

Your man,


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