The REAL truth about marijuana and aging

There seems to be a number of pop articles that claim an extraordinarily off-putting statement: marijuana does not age you, but it actually makes you look younger.

We need to establish one thing first: marijuana when used in this context refers to the consumption of marijuana.

This article:

is so wrong. When you smoke marijuana, you bring toxins and chemicals to your lungs. Your lungs get damaged, you introduce cancer-causing agents to your body. When you smoke marijuana, it has the same aging effects of cigarette smoking. Your face will get damaged and you will look much older than if you had never smoked marijuana/cigarettes.

Same goes for edibles. When you consume marijuana as food, your lungs are safe. Period. But the effects of marijuana is that when you get high off of the edible, your entire body relaxes, including your face. Your eyes droop, the skin on your face droops, and the longer you eat marijuana, the more your face will be ‘droopy’.

Marijuana is a drug. It will age you. It will cause health problems. Your mental strength will fall. You will simply take years out of your life.

Be stupid, or be smart about it.

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