My name is Duke.

I used to think I had social anxiety and autism. But that’s not the case. I simply lacked confidence in myself.

I committed social media suicide, permanently cut out video gaming, got rid of things I don’t need, swapped my smart phone for a flip phone, and bought a cheap, used little car after finally putting an end to my car lease, and I haven’t fell victim to pornography for over 2 years.

I replaced social media with real interactions with real people. I forced myself to go through with it despite feeling uncomfortable.

I replaced video gaming with flirting with women. Flirting is fun, it makes both parties smile at the end of the day.

I got rid of things I don’t need, such as old wallpapers, TV, Netflix/Amazon subscription. The result is hundreds of dollars saved.

I gave up the luxury of having a smartphone. It took too much of my time and attention. I wanted to live a simple life. No drama. No notifications every minute. Just me, my mind, and the world. A flip phone forced me to talk to people on the phone. Texting is for wimps.

I was paying $500 per month for my BMW. While it was fun, it took a big hit on my bank account. I bought a used car for $3000 and never looked  back.

“RacetoApex” means you are in your race to apex, literally. You are born helpless, and you probably will die helpless. It’s up to you to either let your life decrease in quality or maximize its quality, or, if you’re like the majority of the people, stay somewhere in the middle. Regardless, we are all born to be in the race to apex. Whoever reaches the apex is the alpha animal of the world. This alpha animal has access to all resources, all power, all fame, all respect. But that simply is a fantasy; no one can be that powerful. That’s obvious. But don’t feel sad yet. You can still be great. And big. And powerful.

All you have to do is think big.

You have to force your mind to think about all the successes you can achieve. You need to tell your mind to focus on this every day. For example, if you want to be a youtube celebrity with over 1 million subscribers watching your videos every day, then do it. Think about your success every day. Think, imagine, and create.

After a few days or weeks of no result, you’ll want to give up. This is precisely where the majority of the people fall and enter a life of mediocrity. Instead of continuing the pursuit of their goals, they simply give up. If they’d kept going for a few more months, they could have reached the apex of their lives.

But not you. You know you can achieve it. It just takes a bit more effort and energy, but it’ll be worth it.

Race to your apex, race all the way, baby.